Video Production Personalized

In a nutshell: We're not like TV news or commercials. We see a world of opportunity in honest and relatable media. No Scripts, No teleprompters, No hassle.

Who are we?

The Personal Press is a Video Production company. Our videos focus heavily on unscripted and genuine interviews with important figures to businesses and events.

How can we help you?

We work closely with clients to get on the same page. By choosing us you will have the time and care you need to decide how you want your video done.


In a quickly changing media society, The Personal Press focuses on authenticity for video productions. Long story short, our videos strive to connect with viewers and help them see your value.

We're all about people, stories, passions, and hard work. All pretty good things.


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We make a couple of different things, see which productions might be for you!

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